Military Mentorship with American Corporate Partners

with Group Vice President, Scott Goble

Whether it’s advocating for Veterans at work or volunteering his time as a mentor, Anthony “Scott” Goble, Group Vice President for Aramark Uniform Services, has an unflinching dedication to making Aramark a welcoming, inclusive place for Veterans and military-connected talent.

Scott Goble, Group Vice President

Through Aramark’s partnership with American Corporate Partners, Scott (he/him) has been empowered to exercise that dedication as a mentor to Veterans preparing to enter the workforce. Of course, as a military Veteran himself, Scott brings a unique level of insight into his volunteer work.


“I joined the Army right out of high school. I was enlisted for the first 12 years as a medic and went to school in the evenings. Around the 12th year of my career, I was selected to go to Officer Candidate School where I finished my last ten years as a military officer in the logistics field. I served all over the world including multiple tours in Afghanistan and retired out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina in 2016.”


As part of Aramark’s partnership with America Corporate Partners (ACP), over 50 Aramark leaders – whether they are military-affiliated or not – have volunteered to be mentors to Service members, Veterans, or military spouses looking to take on the challenges of corporate life. For Scott, however, the connection to American Corporate Partners is personal.


“My relationships with ACP and Aramark were formed a long time ago. I was actually a mentee myself through ACP. They helped me transition and write a resume that wasn’t filled with military jargon so I could apply for jobs at Aramark. We have a remarkable relationship with the American Corporate Partners, where we work hand in hand with transitioning Veterans – and their spouses in some instances – to help them write resumes, do mock interviews, and give them the confidence to stand in front of hiring managers.”


Scott’s experience in the military has had a huge impact on his drive to guide and support others. As an Army Veteran turned corporate Vice President, few have a better sense of what it takes to successfully transition out of the military and adapt your skillset to new missions and environments.

“As an officer, I had the opportunity to be a company commander twice, and you really have an opportunity to affect people’s lives, help them get to college, and get the next job assignment they want. The military does a really fine job preparing you for exiting and they give you a great skill set. But there are some gaps in there, and those gaps are filled by ACP. I was in the transition process when I learned about ACP, and I was attached with a phenomenal mentor who took my resume (which I had my chest poked-out about) and he poked holes in it. The ability to learn to speak ‘Corporate America’ coming from the military was huge. It filled that gap and really helped me in the interviews I had after the mentorship program.”


For Scott, the work being done by organizations like American Corporate Partners and the mentors who participate in their programs is extremely important.


“You know, there’s a significant fear coming out of the military, because look, you go from getting a guaranteed paycheck to the concern of coming out and not being able to provide for your family. And it’s not a fear that you can’t do the job, it’s just a fear of not being able to confidently have a conversation with someone. And it’s our responsibility to those that have served honorably to give them that additional hand – to reach out to them and help them and say, look, I’m going to help you.”


Despite the challenges of transitioning from the military to corporate life, Scott is a firm believer in the unique advantages and benefits there are to having served when it comes to performance in the corporate world.


“There are hundreds of thousands of military Veterans leaving the service every year, and it’s an amazing pipeline to build loyal, wonderful employees with integrity that are going to be really hard working for you. In the military, you learn to believe in yourself, and that there’s really no mountain you can’t climb. So, in a lot of instances, you have folks with a great work ethic that are also very process driven. In corporate America, 95% of the things that we do have a process to get you from A to Z, it’s that’s something that is so indoctrinated into a service member.”


As he reflects on the rewarding experience of being a military mentor through ACP, Scott encourages others to get involved and do their part to support.


“If you can spare an hour a week, and want to know that you’re making a difference, I encourage you to get involved. With a program like the American Corporate Partners, it is a really good feeling when your mentee says, ‘I’ve got the interview and they offered me the job.’ It’s almost like having your kid getting accepted to college. It’s just a really great feeling that is at no cost to you except your time.”


To learn more about how Aramark fosters inclusion and opportunity for military-connected talent, check out Scott’s video interview in this post or visit our Salute Employee Resource Group page!

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With a program like American Corporate Partners, it’s a really good feeling when your mentee says, ‘I got the interview’ or ‘they offered me the job.’ It's almost like having your kid getting accepted to college. It’s just a really great feeling that is at no cost to you except your time.

— Scott Goble, Group Vice President

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Scott Goble, Army Veteran

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